Ecommerce Features - Check Out Volo's ERP Functionality


Streamlining and automating your processes

Volo ecommerce ERP software helps you scale up your business with a highly comprehensive multichannel platform that maximises automation and a range of professional services. This combination grows your sales and increases your efficiencies over the long term.

Volo has leading data analytics and reporting – Vision – for informed business decisions, backed up by an extremely comprehensive and robust retail ecommerce system – Origin – to control very high volume listings, orders, shipping and stock levels across whatever marketplaces, web stores or other systems you want to connect to.

Inventory management (warehouse management, suppliers, resupply, process)
Area Features
Warehouse managementBarcode printingNew SKU creationStock levels management
Location managementGoods inCapacity for multi-million SKUs per customerKits and bundles creation
Multiple physical warehousesLow stock warningBulk data editingPDA (Personal Digital Assistant)
Multi-locationAuto-purchase order generation, auto-confirmEdit via import/FTP/APIFIFO
Walk order/pick order, optimum routingSupplier/3rd party integrationCustom data management
Order management (sales order processing, shipping, customer service)
Area Features
Drop-shippingCourier documents, labels ie CN22 (customs label)Dispatch (mark orders as packed)Email integrations
Back-ordersInvoice printingTracking informationeBay Questions & Disputes
Pick listsPacking management (eg packing screen)Feeds/Integrations (eg 3rd party ERP or WMS integration: order export, order update, order import)eBay Feedback
Filtering orders (eg by FBA orders)Courier label printingReturnsPDA
Courier automation/integrationAuditing (who’s packing slowly)ExchangesReverse logistics
Channel management (listing management, multiple channels like web stores and marketplaces)
Area Features
Listing creationPricingMultiple stores and territoriesListing stock by physical location
TitlesImagesShippingListing preparation/optimisation by channel/marketplace
VariationsCategoriesClick and CollectSimultaneous listing updates across different channels
DescriptionsBusiness policiesPromotions, marketing, advertising, offersStock level management by channel
AttributesAuctionsListing updates, removalsOn-screen errors and warning management
Amazon (all marketplaces, Fulfilled by Amazon, Fulfilled by Merchant, Merchant/Seller Fulfilled Prime, Amazon Business)eBay (all marketplaces, eBay Fulfilment, eBay Managed Payments)Other marketplaces
Reporting (analytics, dashboards, reports)
Area Features
Dashboards (Daily sales summary, Previous day sales summary)Sales target reporting (sales performance against target)Customer reporting (top customers report)Shipping reporting (shipping breakdown, dispatch performance)
Product reporting (SKU detail, Channel detail, SKU sales velocity)Stock reporting (stock forecast, dead stick, slow stock)Credits and refunds reporting (refund analysis, refunds reasons)Channel/marketplace reporting (Channel order summary, Amazon breakdown, Amazon trade sales, eBay category)
Supplier performance reporting (supplier report, supplier velocity)Cross-border reporting (cross-border report)Kit/bundle reporting (product bundles)Margin reporting (Margin breakdown, Margin reporting, Order, Supplier and SKU margin)
You can filter all these reports across a large range of filter categories and create subsets for in-depth comparisons.