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Ecommerce Platforms

Use powerful Origin and insightful Vision to scale your business

With the Volo Origin and Vision ecommerce ERP platform you scale up your business and control all of your trading environment with deeper functionality, more comprehensive integrations and the automation of structured data flows within and outside your business.

Analysis and Reporting Ecommerce Platform

With Volo Vision, our dedicated analysis and reporting platform, you can quickly get insight into your business performance for better decision-making and less time in spreadsheets. Vision collects data across the various activities of the Volo Origin platform, providing you with flexible, in-depth dashboards and reports – in headline or deep-dive formats – across sales, inventory, customers and margins, for regions, SKUs, suppliers and so on. You get Vision when you invest in Origin.


At the core of your multichannel ecommerce business is data, flowing from your suppliers, your channels, from the transactions with your customers, the systems you integrate with and the third parties who deliver your products. The Volo platform integrates all the pieces and automates the information feeds so that your data is correctly and quickly formatted for the correct channels. Volo Origin has a rich and open API and very flexible FTP capability for all information feeds.

Ecommerce Platform for Inventory and Stock

Volo Origin can manage millions of SKUs in your inventory without any loss of service, and offers a wide range of attributes filters, including custom fields, so you can quickly zero in on what you need. We make it easy for you to create and manage product variations across marketplaces, and for you to create kits, while automatically synchronising stock levels for both the kits and the kit components.

Multichannel Ecommerce Platform

Diversifying the places where you do business – international marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, Google, websites, online marketing and many other channels – is critical for scaling your growth and spreading your risk. The Volo Origin platform removes the complexity from listing, selling and updating your stock across multiple channels and our account management team can advise the right channel mix.

Orders and shipping

Volo Origin has been proven to handle over 100 orders per minute without any degradation of service. Your sales orders across your channels appear in Volo in near real-time. Volo Origin offers an extremely comprehensive set of integrations to third party warehouse, fulfilment and domestic/international shipping specialists, for the maximum efficiency and the optimal customer experience.

Ecommerce Platform Robustness

Volo technology is highly secure, scalable and performant, supporting customers who have millions of listed SKUs and have processed over £1 million GMV per day and 100 orders per minute during peak periods. We use Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform with the flexibility to quickly modify resources as demand dictates. Encryption at rest and in transit helps to protect sensitive personal data, which is fully backed up and encrypted. We run an agile development approach with regular releases that are subject to a rigorous testing and release program.

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