Inventory and stock control

Telephones Online

Just as importantly, we’re also a hugely resilient business, with a good spread of business across Amazon, eBay and our website.

Doctor Car Parts

For us it’s all about offering the widest range of parts so we need a system that can support this

From purchase order through to shipping, the Volo system greatly increases our ability to raise our rankings.

Fishermen’s Source

We’re not live on the Volo system a year yet, but already we’re up 100% year-on-year and we’re coming into our really busy season.

The Safety Shack

This spread across the channels, together with the Volo system, was the saving of us.

Laptop Outlet

The Volo technology is really good. It copes with all these channels no problem, and helps us manage what is now a pretty complex business.

Brand Attic

You have to act fast in ecommerce, so their overall service is a strong point for Volo.


The Volo system offers us great flexibility and helps us make better business decisions with agility.

Arks Global

I’m a very heavy user of the Volo reporting and analytics. This is because I’m both the data champion and data analyst in the business.


The efficiency side has been phenomenal. The Volo platform has transformed the efficiency of the business.


International Sales is easy to do with Volo. We’re already in Spain, Italy and Germany. Next stop is Poland and France.


The Vision module allows me to see where our customers are buying from. All the reports are great, they’re very helpful to the business.

Mill Outlets

We can run multiple sites on the one platform, we get the control from automating our purchase orders, and we can handle the customer questions from inside the system.

KMS Parts

I’m so impressed with how the Volo platform can deal with all this data. Eventually we’ll go to 3 or 4 million master SKUs, each with a different bar code. Volo continues to handle this no problem.

The Ink Squid

In our business variations are a big deal. Volo makes variations a lot quicker and easier. We import them and the variations follow after the master – virtually instantly.


You get the support to succeed. Merchants like us, we want support, we don’t want to set things up ourselves. You have to get the support and expertise from your provider.
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