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Click Car Parts is based in Chesterfield, England with over 35 years of experience supplying garages and mechanics with replacement car parts, work-shop tools and consumables. Click Car Parts has been an ecommerce motor factor since 2009 and focuses on the retail market, helping consumers to save money when they buy their spare or replacement car parts online and arrange for their local garage to fit them. It also has a growing online customer base of car enthusiasts, mechanics and garages wanting quality car parts at low prices. Helping customers to receive car parts through the next day delivery service, Click Car Parts provides individuals with a professional, fully trackable experience. With over 10, 000 parts stocked and a highly knowledgeable and capable staff, the company supplies fully guaranteed car parts that are engineered and sourced to provide the widest variety.
  • Category: Parts & Accessories
  • Challenge: Manual processes, visibility
  • Results: Revenues up 30% in a few months
  • Benefits: Save 2-3 staff
Manual eCommerce

Mat Reynolds, eCommerce Manager, Click Car Parts: “We first started trading online about 6 years ago. At first we only had around 10-15 items of stock out there and we had a few daily eBay messages. We were working directly in eBay, manually printing off labels and orders. There wasn’t a great deal to do in the early days and we didn’t need a bunch of people

“We have a huge stock range and we needed a proper system to list the rest of the stock. We worked with a managed service provider to shortlist 2 companies and we went with Volo. The Volo system was the better all-in-one system. It had more features and allowed us to handle everything, including the messages and emails, from one place.”

Centralised eCommerce

“The Volo platform is very easy to use, it’s very intuitive. As I said, I like the fact that everything is in one place. That really simplifies things for us. Also, we see some real efficiencies in our in-house processes. We don’t have to open each order through eBay, and print it, that kind of thing. Because of that, it's much easier to keep track on a day-to-day, operational basis. It’s all linked together. If a customer calls up or sends an email, I can go to the sales screen and the listing is there. I used to have to do eBay searches to find the orders.”

“We do about 10% of our business cross-border, and we’ve just started trading on Amazon and Flubit. In fact, in the few months since we took the business direct I estimate that revenues are up by over 30% on before, which we’re very happy about.”

Get Stuck In!

“We have 7 staff working on the online side of the business, out of a total business size of 300 staff. What works for us is a good attitude. We’re always trying new things. We also have great supply, which means we can offer great prices to our customers.

“After 3 years of working with the system, my advice is to get stuck in by yourself. There’s a lot to the Volo platform, you can really do a lot of things with it. It certainly saves us 2-3 members of staff I would say. Don’t just use it as an inventory tool, or a listing tool. Take the time to get to know the system, do it yourself, take it on and do it in-house. You won’t break anything and you’ll see the results increasing over time.”