Aceparts - Volo


Aceparts was formed in 1998 by Alan Friedman, with the smallest intention of supplying side repeaters to the Porsche market. As time went on, Aceparts reputation evolved to being one of the largest Bulb and LED suppliers in Europe online. Expanding into 4 large warehouses, now full of stock, the trading name Aceparts was proud to achieve 2,000,000 positive feedbacks on eBay across multiple stores. Aceparts holds a strong presence and continues to be widely recognised in the Car Parts Ecommerce industry. As of December 2015, Vertu Motors Plc purchased Aceparts with the main aim of producing the same results for Original Equipment (OE) parts, as Aceparts formerly did with Aftermarket parts.

  • Category: Parts & Accessories
  • Challenge: Data quality
  • Results: Tripled revenues in year 2
  • Benefits: Time savings across business
Working the Data

Chris Button, data developer, Aceparts: “There’s a small focussed team of us working almost exclusively on the data side of the operation. We feel that data quality is what drives sales. Once we have received the data from suppliers we then begin processing it using our very own bespoke in-house developed tools. We dissect and organise the data multiple ways with many algorithms to ensure it is the very best and logically correct it can be. Once the data has been processed and is in useable format, it is then processed through our other in-house developed tools to compile the rest of the required information and list on the desired marketplaces, our Website, eBay and Amazon.

“We’re always working with our suppliers to improve the format of the data they send to us, to make it easier for us to get it to the required standard. I say that we work exclusively on data, but right now we’re not taking on any more new data because we’re in the middle of a major project – since the takeover – to consolidate all our SKUs and all our data. All this is what keeps my colleagues and I constantly busy.”

Analysing the Data

“In the parts and accessories business there is always a massive amount of data, but you really need to be able to interpret that data. That’s what makes Volo Vision – the Volo reporting and analytics module – so interesting and useful for us. Seeing the slow-moving or dead stock is very revealing, we are also able to see trends that occur throughout the year and best-selling items etc. I’m tasked with sorting through the results, and bundling the products into daily deals and other kits for our website, eBay and Amazon store. It’s brilliant for that.

“Additionally, being able to see the detail on our returning customers is a winner for us. We can reward our loyal customers by emailing them special codes that they can use on the website. Also, the Vision module allows me to see where our customers are buying from. All the reports are great, they’re very helpful to the business.”

Accessing the Data

“Having mobile access to the data is a big plus for us too. If Ben is away at a meeting for example, he can bring up the sales information he needs on Volo Vibe straight away, rather than having to call in for the information or return to the office.

“I’m using the Volo system all the time, whether it’s inventory, searching for parts, checking sales figures, or using the paragraph builder feature for creating listings. We have a very large volume of products and the Volo system makes it a lot easier for us to manage it all. For example, I can do listing price changes in bulk, perhaps across a brand or by percentage points, which is a massive time saver.”