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Founded in 1982, Giles UK Limited trades as mastershoe-myshu, a lifestyle shoes retailer based in the South West of England, providing all the latest styles from over 70 world-renowned brands, including Merrel and Skecher. The company has a store in Trowbridge, UK and sells on Amazon, eBay and via its website. Giles UK invests heavily in the customer service side of its business, with a best price guarantee, free UK delivery, a dedicated UK call centre, and a generous returns policy, all of which result in excellent customer ratings. Emma Smith is Associate Director for Giles UK and shared the opening chapters of the relationship with Volo.

  • Category: Fashion
  • Challenge: Efficiency
  • Results: Save 3-4 staff
  • Benefits: Transformed efficiency
Multichannel ecommerce efficiencies

“Efficiency was the reason that we came to Volo initially. We’re not a massive company, but we're by no means a small player either. That said, we had very manual systems and processes. We have a number of warehouses, but our warehousing was inefficient and we didn't have automated stock control, so everything was a logistical nightmare.

“We wanted to further grow our business on eBay and our website, as well as streamline our processes for online and in-store. We also wanted to get onto Amazon, but we couldn’t do anything because of our manual processes. Genuine multichannel ecommerce was a gigantic missed opportunity that we wanted to capitalise on.

Fantastic implementation

“I’m not going to beat around the bush, the implementation process has been fantastic. We were using a third party developer for our website and Volo linked everything together, our website and eBay, and got us trading on Amazon.

“We’ve got our products on Amazon already and the growth has started. The process was amazing. We loaded up the products and barcodes by brand. We added our own photos for all the half size shoes that we do where Amazon didn't already have a listing. Then we used formulas to calculate our minimum and maximum prices. Finally, we turned on Volo’s Amazon price checker and it automatically set the prices for thousands of listings. It was that easy.

Leaps in productivity

“The efficiency side has been phenomenal. The Volo platform has transformed the efficiency of the business. Staffing-wise, we've been able to grow without taking on extra staff. In terms of staffing levels the Volo system equates to 3 or 4 staff, so cost-wise it’s had a major effect.

“Now that our systems are sorted, we’re looking to grow the business further. We’ve had our first Customer Success call with our Volo manager to set some goals and actions, which was very beneficial. We’re concentrating on Amazon, learning from Volo and for ourselves about this new channel, and we’re focused on what we enjoy doing, which is growing the business.”