Developer FAQ - Volo

Developer FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I access the API?

    If you’re already a Volo customer, you can access the APIs at Your username, password, and x-api-key can be created from within the Volo application in Maintenance > API Access. If you’re new to Volo and do not have an account just yet, please contact our team for access to our API sandbox account.

    What architecture styles and data formats does the API support?

    The API supports RESTful architecture style. The body and response content are in JSON format.

  • What is the pagination set to by default?

    If pagination is not defined in the request then the default is 5000 items per page

  • Are changes to the Volo database via the API audited?

    Yes. When any updates are made to orders or products you can see a log of which API user made the changes and at what date and time.

  • Can individual API users be blocked?

    Yes. API users can be blocked, either by Volo for breaching terms of use, or by a Volo user who has access to Maintenance > API Access.

  • How do I update the courier and courier service associated with a Sales Orders?

    You can update the Courier on an order within Volo using the updateOrders method. Currently you are unable to update the Shipping Service of an order.

  • Is the API still available when Volo is down for essential maintenance?

    The API is not available if the Volo application itself is down for maintenance. Any requests made during this time will not process. If you used the asynchronous methods and the requests were made when Volo was still available, then these will be queued up by Volo and processed when it is next able to do so.

  • Is there a limit to the amount of products I can update in the updateProducts method?

    The limit is currently 45,000.