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Channel Coverage – Part 3: How Volo Customers Became Great at Channel Coverage

Friday November 27, 2015 | Posted at 9:28 am | By Paul Dicken
November 27, 2015 @ 9:28 am

When your channel coverage is great, you can build your ecommerce business quickly and spread your risk across the different places where you sell. Volo’s multi channel ecommerce software helps companies grow their sales sustainably through leveraging the right ecommerce channels and maximizing stock availability. Our customers report that channel coverage has been a key lever for fast revenue growth. In this post, we share some stories from Volo customers for whom getting channel coverage right has translated into strong sales.


The Green Spark Plug Company

Tom Green of vehicle parts & accessories merchant The Green Spark Plug Company uses the Volo platform to get his channel coverage right and saw his revenues increase ten-fold in three years: “These days, in addition to our websites, we’re on eBay and Amazon in all countries. I have a dozen staff in the business, including me. We also have 120,000 listings and 40,000 products on offer.

“It’s hard to single out one thing about the platform because it does so much. We can list many thousands of items easily and quickly, which is really important in our business with there being so many variations. I really like the fact that we can centrally control the stock, automate our purchase orders to suppliers, deal with customer service queries in one place, that kind of thing.”


Sirens & Starlets

Fashion merchant Sirens & Starlets uses Volo’s ecommerce software solution to optimise its multichannel coverage and doubled its revenues in 2 years. Anna Webb, founder and director of Sirens and Starlets: ‘The three main pluses for me are as follows.  Firstly, we’ve been able to revolutionize our order process with one that was easy to follow and saved us untold man-hours. Second, we gained the ability to work across multiple sales channels and easily manage our items and all the variations. This aspect for us had become unmanageable in terms of hours in the day.  Third, being able to integrate our own website into the Volo framework was huge for us. The net result of this that our business has doubled in size in the two years that we’ve been working with Volo. Their multi channel system saves us two members of staff a year.”


The Big Printer Company

Office equipment and consumables merchant The Big Printer Company uses the Volo platform to get its channel coverage right and saw 20% of its products increase revenues across the whole business by 15%. Tamsin MacGregor, Director of The Big Printer Company: “We now have about 22,000 SKUs in the system and we trade on Amazon, eBay and Flubit. We sell internationally and make sure we list in the major territory languages.

“The Volo system allows us to run cross-platform and cross-border. Without it there’s no way we could manage all these instances of our product set, a lot of which are drop ship. We couldn’t do it. We get a lot of learning and direction from working with the Volo team. They really help us as a small business. It seems like every time we talk we get another idea for how we can improve our business processes.”



Home and Garden merchant Quatropi uses the Volo multichannel software for fitting the right channel coverage to its business and saw revenue increase year-on-year for 46 out of 48 months. Julian Scott, Director of Quatropi: “We have our website and we sell on Amazon, eBay and Google. Volo enables us to sell in all multichannel ecommerce marketplaces we can with as little admin as possible. We’ve always relied on a smart system to automatically link up orders with stock, across different online marketplaces. Because we’ve always relied on automation, we often wonder who would have a stock system that’s not automated. It’s not something I want to contemplate, but if we didn’t have Volo I’d have to add 30-40% to my staff of 12, so 4 or 5 people.”

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