How MediSale Leveraged Volo to Optimise eCommerce Operations and Facilitate Growth

How MediSale Leveraged Volo to Optimise eCommerce Operations and Facilitate Growth

Friday May 10, 2024 | Posted at 6:25 pm | By Harriet Pritchard
May 10, 2024 @ 6:25 pm

In the world of healthcare supply procurement, efficiency and adaptability are vital to ensure a smooth operation. This was the challenge facing MediSale, a global leader in comprehensive medical supplies, before they partnered with Volo to optimise their eCommerce operations. This MediSale customer story gives insight into the power of a customised ERP system for channels like Amazon FBA.

About MediSale

MediSale is a global leader in providing comprehensive medical supplies. Established in 2016, they built a strong reputation for delivering high-quality products and exceptional service. MediSale aims to simplify healthcare supply procurement for professionals across the globe through their robust ecommerce platforms, including Amazon through Amazon FBA.

Business challenges

Before the implementation of Volo’s services, MediSale faced several challenges:

  • Limited marketplace reach: confined to Amazon’s Seller Central.
  • Inefficiencies in WMS: suboptimal warehouse management.
  • Lack of integration: two separate systems led to manual efforts and less focus on growth.

Implementation of Volo

Rollout began in January 2023 but faced initial challenges. Volo customised the integration to meet Amazon’s specific requirements around the end-to-end FBA process, leading to full operational status by July 2023.


In the short period since implementing Volo, MediSale has achieved:

  • Agility and robustness: compliant with Amazon’s guidelines.
  • Operational efficiency: streamlined business processes.
  • Visibility for growth: identification of new avenues for growth.

MediSale’s Future Plans

Aiming for the £20 million mark and European expansion, MediSale plans to:

  1. Reintegrate eBay & OnBuy.
  2. Expand across Europe using Pan EU.
  3. Optimise margins across markets.

MediSale’s Feedback

“Volo’s platform has been instrumental in streamlining our operations, reducing inefficiencies, and facilitating growth. As we target more ambitious goals, we’re confident that Volo will remain a significant asset in our arsenal.

“A partnership with Volo has not just been a software upgrade; it’s been a game-changer. The unique customisation they offered us has allowed MediSale to adapt and grow in a highly competitive market.”— Ash, Managing Director, MediSale

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