Volo customers got great at fulfillment and dispatch

Fulfilment & Dispatch – Part 3: How Volo Customers Got Great at Fulfilment & Dispatch

Friday March 25, 2016 | Posted at 3:50 pm | By Paul Dicken
March 25, 2016 @ 3:50 pm

In our previous post, we spoke about best practices in fulfilment and dispatch. When you’re great at fulfilment and dispatch, you reduce costs with streamlined processes and the right manual interventions. Volo helps companies improve efficiencies through the integration of couriers and aggregators and rules-based automated workflows. In this post some Volo customers who have benefited from getting great at fulfilment and dispatch talk about their experiences.


Only Global

Toys, games and collectables retailer Only Global uses the Volo system to manage its fulfilment and operations and estimates the system saves it between 3 and 6 members of staff per year. Nigel Matthews, Partner, GamesQuest: “It’s a huge time-saving device and absolutely critical to our business. We have the option to do repricing across different platforms and we can manage all the currencies and couriering rules. To be able to set up the rules and manage it all from a central location is what makes it tick for us.”


Click Car Parts

Vehicle parts and accessories merchant Click Car Parts uses the platform to manage its fulfilment and dispatch and estimates the system saves it 2-3 staff members a year. Mat Reynolds, eCommerce Manager, Click Car Parts: “The Volo system is very easy to use, it’s very intuitive. As I said, I like the fact that everything is in one place. That really simplifies things for us. Also, we see some real efficiencies in our in-house processes. We don’t have to open each order through eBay, and print it, that kind of thing.

“Because of that, it’s much easier to keep track on a day-to-day, operational basis. It’s all linked together. If a customer calls up or sends an email, I can go to the sales screen and the listing is there. I used to have to do eBay searches to find the orders.”


Sirens and Starlets

Fashion merchant Sirens and Starlets uses Volo’s ecommerce software to manage its fulfilment and dispatch and estimates the system saves it 2 members of staff every year. Anna Webb, Director and Founder, Sirens and Starlets: “We were doing everything manually; order taking and fulfilment and adjusting stock levels ourselves…The three main pluses for me are as follows.  Firstly, we’ve been able to revolutionise our order process with one that was easy to follow and saved us untold man-hours…”


Cheapest Electrical

Office consumables merchant Cheapest Electrical uses the Volo platform to manage its fulfilment and dispatch and estimates the system saves it 2 members of staff every year. Paul Lever, Director, Cheapest Electrical: “The courier labels are all integrated too.  They just press a button and the label is done.  This is a huge time saver for us. The labels alone would take one person a full day to get printed and now these are all done in less than an hour.”


Blue Lagoon Products

Home and Garden merchant Blue Lagoon Products  uses Volo’s ecommerce tool to manage its fulfilment and dispatch and has doubled its staff and doubled its revenues in two successive years. Nick Jones, Managing Director, Blue Lagoon Products: “As is common, we were doing all this ourselves. I was using eBay Blackthorne for listing, going into Paypal and downloading a transaction log, exporting to excel, then to an access database, printing off picking slips, printing labels and so on.

We were experiencing the classic growing pains. It was a tough time.

“My three favourite things about Volo?…Third is the fact that our pick and pack process has been completely streamlined.  This especially helps us with our cross border trading.

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