Order Management
Make your order fulfilment something your customers will rave about for the right reasons


Process customer orders faster
The quickest way to introduce a delay into the order process is to lose track of who’s paid for what. This is particularly the case if you’re selling on multiple channels and using different seller IDs. At Volo, our approach is to help bring together all your sales information into a single, coherent view. From this, matching sales orders with payments then gets a whole lot easier.
Streamline your labelling
The Volo system automates the manual printing of package labels and manifests and stops your staff being tied up all day doing them. Volo helps you get consistent information and product codes through your processes, from warehouse goods receipt and shelving, through to shipping list for packing, manifests for despatch, and your invoice and delivery documentation.
Fulfil your orders efficiently
If you’re really going to take off, your warehouse and drop-ship arrangements need to be a well-run area of calm efficiency. This means matching orders to payments quickly, making the whole pick, pack, despatch piece a whole lot easier. At Volo, we’re all about fast turnaround as the platform for inspiring the highest levels of customer satisfaction and repeat business.
Connect your third parties
You take out a lot of complexity and cost when you delegate your sales order processing to drop-ship partners and logistics partners like Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA). The Volo system takes feeds from your virtual suppliers and fully integrates the FBA work-flows to complement your own in-house fulfilment. Connecting your third parties gives you complete control over your consignments and orders.