New Starter Training

Taking on a new member of staff who will be using Volo? Need to get them up to speed quickly? Wondering who will have time to train them or how to ensure they learn best practise from day one?

Alternatively, you can let Volo take care of it with our New Starter Training service. We’ll come on site and take your new employee through the Volo basics such as system navigation, product creation and understanding sales orders, all under best practises. Prior to the session we’ll also scope out what role specific screens and workflows your new person will be using and get them them operational on those too.Reach out to us via our Contact Form.


Bespoke Training

Are you starting to utilise more areas of Origin to support your business? Or perhaps you’re a seasoned Origin user who wants to refresh on best practise or ensure that you are using the platform in most efficient way.

If so, get in touch about our Bespoke Training service. We’ll work with you to understand your requirements, design a tailored training session and delivery it on site. We recognise that there is often a lot to take in during training sessions, so we’ll follow up after to check you have been able to successfully put the learnings into practise. Reach out to us via our Contact Form.