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10th Jun

The Importance of Managing Stock Levels and Reordering for Best Cash Flow | Strategies and Insights

Avoiding stockouts is crucial as they lead to lost sales and dissatisfied customers. Conversely, excess inventory ties up capital and increases storage costs. 

30th May

How To Navigate Pre-Election Sales Uncertainty and Impacted Consumer Spending

With the UK government’s announcement of a general election on July 4th, e-commerce businesses face a critical six-week period. This is often a time of cautious consumer behaviour, making it essential to adopt tactical measures to sustain sales during the early summer months.

21st May

Maximising Your Profits and Understanding Order Margins

Gross margin, the difference between the cost of goods sold (COGS) and the selling price, is a vital metric. There are notable reasons why understanding your actual margins is critical for building a successful business.

10th May

How MediSale Leveraged Volo to Optimise eCommerce Operations and Facilitate Growth

The MediSale case study gives insight into the power of a customised ERP system. In the world of healthcare supply procurement, efficiency and adaptability are vital to ensure a smooth operation. This was the challenge facing MediSale, a global leader in comprehensive medical supplies, before they partnered with Volo.

28th Mar

Implementing an ERP System: Timeline and Cost

As an eCommerce business considering an ERP system, two critical factors need to be considered: cost and timeframe. Understanding the various pricing options and expected timelines can significantly impact decision-making and ensure a successful ERP implementation.

28th Mar

Using ERP Software as a Small-Medium eCommerce Businesses

Most ERP systems are built to accommodate the big, the huge, and the gigantic.

This post will outline the key considerations an SME (small – medium sized enterprise) should consider before choosing an ERP system.

7th Mar

Scaling eCommerce with ERP | Interview with Volo Customer

Partsdoc Ltd Manager and Volo customer, Jon Dempster, was in conversation with ChannelX Editor-in-Chief Chris…

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7th Feb

The Benefits of Tech and Electronics eCommerce Integration in 2024

39% of eCommerce sellers are concerned that increased competition is driving prices down. In particularly competitive markets, such as tech and electronics, staying competitive on price whilst maintaining profitable margins is a significant challenge.

5th Feb

What is an ERP System and Why should I Care?

Volo Commerce CEO Paul ‘Dilge’ Dilger was in conversations with ChannelX Editor-in-chief, Chris Dawson, to outline why everyone running a business over £2m a year should get to know the concept and benefits of ERP.

2nd Feb

The Benefits of Integrated Home and Garden eCommerce in 2024

Consumers are now more likely to shop online for homeware and garden items than prior to the pandemic, however, due to the huge variability in product size, weight, colour and utility within the home and garden sector, establishing customer expectations with online listings can be challenging.

25th Jan

The Benefits of Integrated Automotive eCommerce in 2024

The market for vehicle parts and accessories is vast and diverse. As consumers become more accustomed to having their aftermarket needs taken care of by online retailers, businesses integrates platforms have a huge competitive advantage.

18th Jan

The Benefits of Integrated Fashion eCommerce in 2024

Staying competitive in a saturated market involves more than just a good eye for the latest fashion trends. It requires efficiently integrated systems and processes that ensure a seamless customer experience.

12th Dec

AI and eCommerce

Artificial intelligence was one of the hottest topics of 2023. It’s not just been met…

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8th Dec

Selling on Temu

Temu launched in the UK in April 2023 and has already accrued nine million UK-based users and is UK’s most downloaded shopping app.

27th Nov

ChannelX European Marketplace 2023 Report – Summary

The ChannelX European Marketplace 2023 report gives us great insight into the current positioning of marketplaces within the broader consumer market. We’ve summarized our key takeaways.

16th Nov

Selling on Your Online Store

Although relying on your online store as a single revenue stream is ill-advised, disregarding your online store as part of your growth strategy is like ignoring the store window of a physical shop.

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