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eBay Cassini Search – What you need to know

Tuesday November 18, 2014 | Posted at 3:23 pm | By Paul Dicken
November 18, 2014 @ 3:23 pm

eBay’s new Cassini search rank goal is to treat search as a way to connect every shopper to the listings and sellers that are most interesting to them, as quickly and as easily as possible.

Four major factors will drive eBay Cassini and its new search ranking technology:

Relevance. Shoppers should quickly see the results rather than having to dig through results that don’t matter to them.

Value. Shoppers should always find that items in their eBay search results represent a good overall value.

Trust. Shoppers should see listings that they can trust, from sellers that are likely to serve them well and to generate return business for eBay and eBay sellers.

Convenience. Shoppers have a pleasant and positive transaction, from the initial search all the way through to fulfillment.

With Cassini other dimensions of the listing and selling process  will significantly affect the rankings—listing titles, catalogue entries and item specifics, complete item descriptions, seller performance and customer satisfaction, as well as the performance of particular listings and products over time.

Join Nick Freedman, Senior Volo Account Manager to discover the facts on Cassini Search and how you can ensure that you are using it to your advantage.

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