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Growing the Volo Team

Thursday May 27, 2021 | Posted at 4:08 pm | By Paul Dicken
May 27, 2021 @ 4:08 pm

This post explores some of the additional roles we’re looking to fill at team Volo.

Almost all Volo blog posts are about the market: the market for multichannel ecommerce, with content designed to inform, educate and provide insight where possible. Over the last 15 months many categories in the ecommerce market have experienced huge growth, as existing online sellers consolidate their position and offline sellers embrace digital selling as a permanent part of their go-to-market strategy.

Ecommerce has been a chief beneficiary of the pandemic. You may know from our monthly statistical posts in 2020 that we’ve seen GMV across the Volo Origin platform grow very quickly, as have many providers of technology and services to enable mutichannel sellers to streamline and centralise their business operations, thereby increasing their sales, productivity and profitability. Which is why this post is about Volo, for a change.

At Volo we offer a combination of comprehensive, insightful technologies and dedicated customer-focused services, and we’re looking to build out our services team to better support our growing base of growing customers. We’ve created a new Jobs page on the Volo website for the roles we’re looking to fill.

We’ve summarised the roles below. If you know of anyone who might fit any role profile please do pass this post onto them. Firstly, though, a word about the Volo culture. There are three basic questions a company tends to ask when looking to hire the ideal candidate. Can they do the job? Do they want the job? Will they fit in with the culture? The third question is arguably the most important of the three. These are the cultural traits we admire in our staff:

  • Team-oriented: You embrace the ideas of others in the best interests of our customers and Volo
  • Driven: You’re a driven team player, collaborator, and relationship builder whose can-do attitude inspires others
  • Entrepreneurial: You thrive in a fast-paced, changing environment and are excited by the chance to play a larger role
  • Passionate: You’re passionate about ecommerce and ensuring our customers are successful
  • Self-motivated: You can work with a minimum of supervision and plan ahead to prioritise multiple tasks
  • Integrity: You’re able to establish and maintain genuine trust with your customer contacts and Volo colleagues. You deliver against your commitments 
  • Attention to detail: You don’t let important details, events or deliverables slip through the cracks
  • Efficiency: You’re able to work smart and enable others to work smarter
  • Persistence: You have the tenacity to go above and beyond to get the job done
  • Composure: You have the ability to stay calm and maintain your performance levels when under pressure of time and priorities

Here are the roles we’re looking to fill:

  • Account Manager. The account management team works directly with customers on growth initiatives and growth plans, and encourages increased adoption of the Volo Origin and Vision platforms. More
  • Customer Onboarding Representative. The onboarding team works with customers before they become customers and manages the project to ensure they’re brought onto the Volo systems smoothly. More
  • Support Analyst. The customer support team is available via chat, email and phone and resolves customer queries in relation to the Volo systems and third party technologies against our SLA and CSAT targets. More
  • Sales Development Representative. The sales team works closely with prospective customers to really understand their business and design a Volo solution to match their requirements and ambitions. More

Interested candidates should please apply to with a cover email indicating why we should consider them for the role, attaching a pdf of their CV. No agencies, please. Thank you.

To talk to us about growing your ecommerce sales, channels and productivity, please get in touch here.

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