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Listing Quality – Part 3: How Volo Customers Became Great at Listing Quality

Friday November 20, 2015 | Posted at 9:49 am | By Paul Dicken
November 20, 2015 @ 9:49 am

When you get great at listing quality, you can grow your business more effectively. Volo helps companies grow their sales through high quality data and the swift, efficient listing of items. Our last post spoke about best practices for getting great at Listing Quality. In this third post on the Listing Quality lever you can pull for ecommerce growth, we’ve assembled a range of Volo customers across categories. We then asked them for their view on this important lever for ecommerce growth.


What our customers said

Multi-category etailer XS-Stock uses the Volo platform to manage its listings and variations and has grown 25-30% every year. Mark Gregory, ecommerce Manager for XS-Stock: “Complexity is part and parcel of our business and as a successful company we have to constantly manage the complexity. For example, our creative team have to deal with all the master listings and create listing SKUs for all our products. We’ve around 10,500 items and 35,000 listing SKUs.  Variations come in with the same bar code and we have to allocate a unique bar code for each one and organise the printing and the labels. The system needs to be able to deal with all of that, which it does no problem.”

Vehicle parts and accessories merchant The Green Spark Plug Company uses Volo’s multi channel ecommerce tool to manage its listings and variations. It has increased its revenues ten-fold in three years. Tom Green of the Green Spark Plug Company: “It’s hard to single out one thing about the platform because it does so much. We can list many thousands of items easily and quickly. This is really important in our business with there being so many variations.

Sports clothing and accessories retailer Only Global uses Volo’s ecommerce software to manage its listings and variations. Its trebled its revenues in three years. Nafees Din, Managing Director of Only Global: “I’ve already said it, but the biggest thing for us is control.  Every business needs it and with Volo you’ve got that control. Over your listings, your stock, your reporting, the whole operation.”

“Secondly, the speed and time-saving with listings.  We can do bulk listing via spreadsheets and this is a massive time-saver for us.  The teams in Pakistan and the Philippines spend the majority of their time listing. So this is critically important in terms of managing costs and efficiency. In terms of growth, we can do in 2 months with Volo what would have taken us 12 months on our own.” 

Office consumables merchant The Ink Squid uses the Volo platform to manage its listings and variations and estimates the system saves it between 3 and 4 staff a year. Adrian Meakin, Managing Director, The Ink Squid: “We were doing everything pretty much manually. From listing through to order taking, fulfillment and adjusting stock levels.  We wanted to grow the business but we knew we needed to scale efficiently. That meant getting a program to manage everything. “Listing is much easier and quicker too. We really like the paragraph builder.  We grade all our stock A to D and we can just drop in the templated content for whatever the grade is.”

Home and Garden merchant Bamford Trading uses the Volo multi channel software to manage its listings and variations and increased sales by 29% in its eighth year working with Volo. John Hewitt, Manging Director of Bamford Trading: “What stood out early was the ability to easily list different stock to different channels. The people we save by automating our business processes with Volo are many and varied. It’s hard to quantify exactly but I can list a few ways the system saves manpower. Listing the products following goods receipt, that’s another Full Time Equivalent. Volo’s ecommerce software automatically relists products dependent on stock availability.”

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