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Purchasing – Part 3: How Volo Customers became great at Purchasing

Thursday February 25, 2016 | Posted at 2:16 pm | By Paul Dicken
February 25, 2016 @ 2:16 pm

Successful companies have powerful, flexible and accurate supplier information and take advantage of rules-based automatic re-ordering with manual over-rides. When you’re great at purchasing, you have great supplier choice, get great prices and you accurately manage your returns and costs. Volo helps companies improve purchasing efficiencies through intelligent workflows and the joining up of supplier information, ordering and accounting systems, all in one multi channel software.  In this post we showcase 3 Volo customers who reaped the benefits of their purchasing power.


The Green Spark Plug Company

Vehicle parts and accessories merchant The Green Spark Plug Company uses the Volo multi channel software for managing its purchasing and has increased its revenues ten-fold in three years. Tom Green, Director, The Green Spark Plug Company: “It’s hard to single out one thing about the platform because it does so much. We can list many thousands of items easily and quickly, which is really important in our business with there being so many variations. I really like the fact that we can centrally control the stock, automate our purchase orders to suppliers, deal with customer service queries in one place, that kind of thing.”


Only Global

Sports clothing and accessories retailer Only Global uses Volo’s ecommerce software for managing its purchasing and estimates that it does in 2 months with Volo what would have taken 12 months. Nafees Din, Managing Director, Only Global: “Knowing what’s selling well really helps me when I’m importing my goods. I know what to import and I can get my quantities spot on.”


Cheapest Electrical

Office consumables merchant Cheapest Electrical uses the Volo platform for managing its purchasing and estimates the system saves it 2 members of staff every year. Paul Lever, Director, Cheapest Electrical: ‘We also manage all of our refunds through Volo.  If we didn’t, it would be really hard to find the right transaction somewhere in Paypal and do it manually.  From my side, I can see the daily sales and the best sellers and this helps me manage our orders from our suppliers more accurately.”


Bamford Trading

Home & Garden merchant Bamford Trading uses Volo’s ecommerce software for managing its purchasing and estimates that automation saves it 33% of its workforce. John Hewitt, Managing Director, Bamford Trading: “The people we save by automating our business processes with Volo are many and varied. It’s hard to quantify exactly but I can list a few ways the system saves manpower…Purchasing: another FTE [a ‘Full Time Equivalent’, a full-time member of staff] deciding what to buy, sales forecasts, generating purchase orders, handling goods in receipt…I could go on but it very easily saves us 3 heads in a 9-head business, so 33% of our workforce.”

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