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Promotions – Part 3: How Volo Customers Got Great at Promotions

Friday February 5, 2016 | Posted at 10:06 am | By Paul Dicken
February 5, 2016 @ 10:06 am

How have Volo customers got great at promotions?

Successful companies confidently manage all the promotional material at their disposal and can deliver exemplary customer service through the resulting order peaks. When you’re great at promotions, you can win more business from new customers and sell more to existing customers. Volo helps companies grow revenues through dynamic re-pricing, kits and bundles and automated back end processes. In this post, two of our customers report back on why promotions are a key lever for fast revenue growth.


Bamford Trading

Home & Garden merchant Bamford Trading uses the Volo multi channel software to manage its promotions and increased sales by 29% in its eighth year working with Volo. John Hewitt, Managing Director, Bamford Trading: “I also want to talk about bundles, where we put two or more products together. Let’s say you want a sanding machine. We’ll offer you the machine, but the Volo system also allows us to cross-promote with a bundle, so we can add 6 months’ worth of sanding belts for a couple of quid more. 50% of all our sales come from bundles; it’s that important to us.

“In the last 12 months alone our sales have increased 29%, which was our ninth year in business, and our eighth as Volo customers. You’d need an army of people to do that without this system.”


Cheapest Electrical

Office consumables merchant Cheapest Electrical uses the Volo platform to manage its promotions and variations and has become an eBay top 3 seller. Paul Lever, Director, Cheapest Electrical: “We’ve been with Volo since April 2012.  We are now a top 3 technology seller on eBay. The growth has been great and we’ve been able to improve our profitability too.  For example, I can see at a glance that in March 2013 we increased sales 70% on March 2012, and in March 2014 we increased sales a further 29%.  Year on year figures are just as impressive.  August 2013 was up 80% on the same period in 2012, and Christmas 2013 was up 38% on Christmas 2012.  I would estimate the move from manual to automation through Volo’s ecommerce platform saves 2 members of staff, which obviously is good for margins.

“In my experience, other marketplace platforms don’t do as much as the Volo system. It does everything we need, and quite a bit that we don’t need.  For example, we like to bundle things like cases with our products – and sometimes we won’t charge the customer for the accessory – and this helps us improve customer satisfaction as well as increase our margins.  We’re doing this ourselves, but soon we plan to use the kits and bundles capability within the multi channel software. We know that as we continue to grow we’ll be able to grow into more of the platform as well.”

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