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Reasons to Attend Tamebay Live

Wednesday May 12, 2021 | Posted at 2:47 pm | By Paul Dicken
May 12, 2021 @ 2:47 pm

In planning since 2020, Tamebay Live is all of a sudden upon us and starting next week, Monday the 17th May. This post gives you more detail on the week-long, drop-in-when-you-like event.

Tamebay Live brings together the most knowledgeable people in ecommerce to present masterclasses and workshops full of experience and best practices to drive your business forward in 2021. Split into two streams – the first designed for merchants and the second designed for big name retailers and brands – Tamebay Live masterclasses and workshops bring you the detail and insights used by top sellers, retailers and brands to win on marketplaces.

Presenters have designed the content for established marketplace sellers who want deep understanding and insights into the more technical aspects of successful selling.

Running all next week, the 17th to 21st May, Tamebay Live is sponsored by eBay and each day focuses on one theme:

  • Monday 17th May – Back to Basics – sponsored by Hurricane Commerce
  • Tuesday 18th May – Growth Day – sponsored by ecommotors powered by E-Motive and Volo
  • Wednesday 19th May – Brand Day – sponsored by ecommotors powered by E-Motive and Volo
  • Thursday 20th May – Cross Border Day – sponsored by GFS
  • Friday 21st May – Expanding a Marketplace Business – sponsored by ShipStation

As you can see, we’re pleased to be sponsoring two days of this event, under the banner of our full service motor parts and accessories brand ecommotors: the ‘Growth’ day on Tuesday 18th May, and the ‘Brands’ day on Wednesday 19th May.

We’re also presenting 3 sessions at Tamebay Live:

  • How Data and Marketplace Search Work. (A panel discussion with Q&A featuring OnBuy, our customer Insuppa, E-Motive and Volo Head of Product Scott Bagnall.) Tuesday 18th May 10:00 (all times UK)
  • Your Long Term Ecommerce Strategy – A ‘How To’ Guide. (ecommotors Head of Technology and Volo CEO Tony Kyberd will present the results of our recent survey into long term ecommerce growth.) Tuesday 18th May 14:30
  • Are You in Control of Your Brand on Marketplaces? (Andrew Rowson, ecommotors Head of Services and CEO of E-Motive, will share essential content for all retailers and brands, big or small.) Wednesday 19th May 10:00

You can register for Tamebay Live here, which will take you to a second page where you can tick the specific sessions you’re interested in.

Talk to us about your long term ecommerce growth requirements by getting in touch with us here.

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