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Reporting & Analysis – Part 3: How Volo Customers Got Great at Reporting for Growth

Thursday May 5, 2016 | Posted at 11:00 am | By Paul Dicken
May 5, 2016 @ 11:00 am

Our customers are successful because they have a clear picture of their best sellers, best suppliers, their margins and their dead stock, across categories, regions and channels. When you’re great at reporting and analysis, you can spot trends and opportunities and increase sales. Volo helps companies grow revenues through dynamic, accurate reporting, automated reordering processes and informed business planning. The Volo ecommerce platform has a fully featured analytics environment, using visual reports to provide easy at-a-glance figures and trends as well the detail behind the numbers to give you the full picture. In this post, two Volo customers talk about how a focus on the figures has helped them grow their business.


Bamford Trading

Home & Garden merchant Bamford Trading uses Volo for reporting and analysis and increased sales by 29% in its eighth year working with Volo. John Hewitt, Managing Director, Bamford Trading: “Even though we had the opportunity to grow, we couldn’t have grown, we couldn’t have capitalised on that opportunity without Volo running the back end.

“The management information is really good for running the business. Sometimes a supplier will ask me to forecast the demand for certain items. Within a couple of minutes I can do this, for a supplier, down to the individual SKU.

“It’s an incredibly powerful reporting suite. All of the things I ask it would otherwise add up to a lot of people and time. It’s very fast, very detailed. It does the easy stuff like telling me who my best suppliers are, but it also tells me where the dead stock is, and that’s dead money, my money, tied up in items I haven’t sold. The other day it found stock that I’d not sold in 3 months, and I was able to put it on sale and move the items.”


Only Global

Sports clothing and accessories retailer Only Global uses Volo to manage its warehousing and operations and estimates that it does in 2 months with Volo what would have taken 12 months. Nafees Din, Managing Director of Only Global: “A few things really make the difference for us. The first is really good reporting.  As a manager, at the click of a few buttons I can see the key sellers.  Knowing what’s selling well really helps me when I’m importing my goods. I know what to import and I can get my quantities spot on. Volo tells me at a glance where I was at in January 2012 for example, and January 2013, so I can see the improvement in the business.  It tells me what are my best selling months so I can map my inventory to the seasons.  Sure, I could have done this in Paypal, but it would have taken me ages.”


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