How and why should you be selling on The Range Plus marketplace?

Selling on The Range Plus

Friday October 27, 2023 | Posted at 11:31 am | By Harriet Pritchard
October 27, 2023 @ 11:31 am

Despite a challenging retail climate, The Range is one of the UK’s fastest-growing multi-channel retailers. By 2026 Retail Week predicts they will be one of the UK’s top 30 retailers, with growth rates similar to that of eCommerce giant Amazon. Given the ambitious growth plans, it’s not surprising that in 2020 The Range launched their own marketplace – The Range Plus – to improve their, well… range.

With the emergence of SaaS solutions such as Mirakl, many popular high-street retailers are opting to launch their own marketplaces. As B&Q boss Graham Bell notes, launching a marketplace offers “the biggest potential revenue growth opportunity that the business could ever envisage.” The benefits of these marketplaces are not exclusive to the retailers themselves. SME eCommerce brands are also reaping the rewards of greater channel coverage.

What is the Range?

The Range store

By Humphrey Bolton, CC BY-SA 2.0,

The Range is a trusted UK department store. The store’s greatest asset, as perhaps suggested by the name, is their range of products. From dog food to disco balls, The Range sells a large assortment of products over several home and garden departments.

Since opening their first store in 1989, they now have over 200 physical stores nationwide, with plans to acquire more over the coming years. With over 170,000 reviews on Trustpilot (we can all dream) showing a favourable 3.7/5, the store is generally regarded highly by UK consumers.

Why sell on The Range?

It’s important to consider channel relevance when building your sales channel strategy. The Range’s expansive department coverage offers a unique selling proposition as a marketplace – it is highly relevant to many sellers.

Given its relevance as a channel, many businesses can benefit from improved reach, positive brand associations, improved revenue opportunities, and a commission-based fee structure.

  • Improved Reach
    The Range Plus offers sellers a potential audience of 45 million. Brand awareness continues to be an ongoing struggle. As paid ad CPCs soar, and organic marketing becomes more competitive, top-of-funnel is becoming harder to fill with potential customers. Listing on marketplaces with vast brand awareness is a recognised tool to improve reach.

  • Positive brand associations
    Creating a strong brand presence means associating with aspirational brands within your space.

    Listing on The Range not only affiliates your brand with the retailer itself but also all other brands within the marketplace. This includes Henry Vacuums, Clinique, and Crown Paint – to name an eclectic few!

  • Improved revenue opportunities
    This summer, 30% of products sold on The Range website came from 3rd party suppliers. With annual online sales reaching $150 million in 2022, eCommerce brands have huge potential to grow their revenue opportunities by listing on The Range Plus.

  • Commission-based fee structure
    The Range operates a commission-based fee structure. In other words – no sales, no fees. If your brand does the prior research regarding pricing based on the commissions taken by the platform, your margin will be protected.

How to sell on The Range

The Range offers a straightforward sign-up form on their website to register as a seller. Once completed they will confirm eligibility before guiding you through the listing process.

Ensure your ERP system is able to integrate the marketplace to minimise complexity and avoid excessive manual data input.

Interested in incorporating The Range into your multichannel sales structure with ease? Volo integrates with The Range to ensure a simple transition and improved channel coverage. Get in touch to find out more about how Volo could help your business scale.

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