How are why should businesses think about selling on Wowcher?

Selling on Wowcher

Monday July 10, 2023 | Posted at 9:19 am | By Harriet Pritchard
July 10, 2023 @ 9:19 am

Channel coverage is a key lever of eCommerce growth. A multichannel sales structure minimises the risks associated with a single revenue stream and places your product in multiple relevant marketplaces. In this post we’ll be focusing on how Wowcher works as a sales channel and how eCommerce businesses can benefit incorporating Wowcher into their sales channel structure.

What is Wowcher?

Wowcher is a UK based ‘deal of the day’ site. The offer-based website provides significant deals on a range of products and activities. Users can search via the website or app to find relevant vouchers. The vouchers for products and experiences are usually discounted to a significant degree compared to the standard RRP for the same product or service.

The vouchers come with instructions for redeeming with the seller and an expiration date.

Why sell on Wowcher

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If reading the above made your insides scream ‘but what about my profit margin?’ – we understand the apprehension. It’s true that sales platforms such as Wowcher need to be incorporated into your sales structure in a very considered way. However, there are some distinct benefits to selling on Wowcher.

  • Customer acquisition
    The fact is, discounting your prices will affect your bottom line. It’s therefore important to recognise Wowcher, and similar ‘deal of the day’ based sites, as a performance marketing tool, as well as a sales channel. Wowcher has huge reach potential with over 20 million users across the UK and Ireland. Incorporating Wowcher into your sales and marketing strategy can be a fantastic tool in increasing brand awareness and customer acquisition – a particularly attractive offering considering the increases in cost per acquisition (‘CPA’) businesses are experiencing.

  • Excess stock management
    After a pretty harsh winter for eCommerce sellers, excess stock has been a prominent issue for a number of businesses – particularly those who were unable to meet their Christmas projections. With ‘newness’ being a consistent consumer fixation, slow moving stock can be a costly problem to have. Not only does it cost to store, but it also ties up funds that could be used to invest in new products and existing products with a better sell through rate.

    Incorporating Wowcher as a sales channel can be hugely beneficial in moving this stock for a discounted rate to then reinvest the funds needed to scale the business.

How to sell on Wowcher

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Businesses first need to partner with the platform. This can be set up by filling out a form on the ‘work with us’ section of the website. A member of the sales team will then get in touch to inform you of the logistics of the process and your business’s eligibility.

Once your business is a partner, you can negotiate with the Wowcher team to establish what your deals, pricing, and rules of voucher redemption will be.

The Volo system offers a full integration to Wowcher. Businesses that work with us can incorporate Wowcher into their multichannel sales structure with ease – updating listings and measuring sales impact in one single platform. To find out more about how Volo could help your business scale get in touch.

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