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Three eBooks to Drive Your Ecommerce Growth and Efficiency

Friday September 30, 2022 | Posted at 10:04 am | By Paul Dicken
September 30, 2022 @ 10:04 am

With Q4 and 2023 planning upon us, in this post we share details on 3 ebooks to get you focused on long term ecommerce success.

We’re just back from a couple of important events on the ecommerce calendar. We were in Frankfurt for Automechanika, the world’s largest aftermarket event, representing our ecommotors joint venture. Then it was a short trip to Birmingham for eBay UK Seller Open 2022, saying hello to customers and major eBay sellers on the Volo stand.

At both events, existing successful ecommerce sellers and those about to get into ecommerce were on the lookout for last minute ideas for maximising Q4, as well as best practices and planning insights for 2023 and outer years. Over the last few months we’ve been sharing our best practice framework for ecommerce success in the two most fundamental areas: top line sales growth, and bottom line profitability.

This framework is the Volo Levers framework, a diagram and checklist of 10 key levers you can pull to varying degrees, together with an 11th, ‘super’ lever of Reporting & Analysis, which gives you the intel you need to make the right lever-based decisions.

ecommerce growth chart

We devoted a post to each of the 10 levers and 2 posts to Reporting & Analysis. Now we’ve re-organised this best practice content into 3 handy ebooks. Why 3? Well, there’s a great deal of content included and it also makes sense to group it into the 3 main topics: how to grow sales; how to grow efficiency; and how to use business intelligence to maximise both. Here are the links to the 3 ebooks:

The 5 Levers of Growth Affecting Every eCommerce Business (all about revenues)

The 5 Levers of Efficiency Affecting Every eCommerce Business (all about productivity and profitability)

How Reporting & Analytics Drives the 10 Levers of eCommerce Growth and Efficiency (all about productivity and profitability)

You can find our other ebooks on the Volo resources page. They’re all free to download.

To talk with us about the levers and your own checklist for ecommerce success, please send us a note here

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