The Ecommotors Turnkey Multichannel Aftermarket solution

The ecommotors Turnkey Multichannel Aftermarket (‘TMA’) solution

Thursday May 4, 2023 | Posted at 6:44 pm | By Harriet Pritchard
May 4, 2023 @ 6:44 pm

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with TecCom as part of our a Turnkey Multichannel Aftermarket (‘TMA’) solution.

TecCom is the industry solution for automated order-to-invoice processing in the independent automotive aftermarket. More than 280 suppliers and over 35,000 buyers use the platform worldwide. This partnership unites the expertise and experience of ecommotors and TecCom, providing customers with a solution that automates the end-to-end aftermarket process for manufacturers, distributors, and resellers.

Our Volo ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system will become a certified TecCom Solution Integrator (TCSI). This means our customers can now enjoy a fully cohesive systems environment that further automates their processes and increases their business efficiency.

The Four Integrated Modules

Volo will integrate four modules from the TecCom solutions portfolio across parts dealers/resellers, parts manufacturers and workshops:

  • Order, covering request, order, order communications, dispatch advice and invoice data
  • Returns, covering warranty claims, returns and stock clearing
  • E-Invoicing, covering paperless and tax compliant invoices in a structured format, invoice archiving and continuous transaction control
  • CMD, covering data on parts and pricing, as well as parts availability

Resellers and existing online sellers can now scale their business by connecting to the main stock, order and inventory management systems. This integration streamlines their workflows and operations, enabling them to automate their whole selling process, from listing, through to ordering and dispatch.

The Turnkey Multichannel Aftermarket (‘TMA’) solution features

The TMA solution includes:

  • ERP and management system
  • Inventory updates, stock availability
  • Multichannel listings: Amazon, eBay, OnBuy etc, Webstore provided
  • B2C, retail
  • B2B, order placement
  • Content management
  • Customer service (optional)
  • Brand protection programmes

We’re looking forward to providing a more efficient experience for our customers which connects the key elements of the aftermarket process into automated ecommerce from end to end.

“We are pleased to have ecommotors on board as a new TecCom Partner. With the integration of the TecCom solutions in the ERP “Volo”, our mutual customers get a  significant benefit through automation of the whole process chain. We look forward to a good partnership.”
– Christina Meier, Sales and Partner Manager for TecCon, TecAlliance

Get in touch for more information on the Turnkey Multichannel Aftermarket solution.

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