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Volo Commerce partners with eBay to provide NHS PPE portal capability

Wednesday June 3, 2020 | Posted at 4:35 pm | By Paul Dicken
June 3, 2020 @ 4:35 pm

We’re very pleased to be contributing to this important initiative, as reported here on Friday 29th May. Here’s the press release in full.

Volo’s ‘Origin’ platform manages PPE listings, orders and integration into eBay

Cheltenham, England – Thursday 28th May 2020: Volo Commerce, a leading provider of multichannel ecommerce technology and services, has partnered with eBay, the NHS, and the Department of Health and Social Care to deliver the PPE Portal for primary and social care providers to order critical PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

The UK Government has signed deals with more than 100 new suppliers from around the world and ramped up domestic production to help meet demand for PPE. The PPE Portal forms part of the national effort to ensure critical PPE continues to be delivered to those on the frontline.

The PPE Portal has been tested with the sector and is now being scaled up nationally over the coming weeks. During this phase of the roll-out, GPs and small residential and domiciliary social care services will be invited to register on the portal.

Chris Farrelly, Founder and CTO of Volo Commerce, commented, “One of the subsidiary companies of Clipper, the retail logistics company, is a Volo customer. The NHS and eBay approached Clipper, who in turn approached us to ‘build the bridge’, as it were.

“eBay has developed a version of its marketplace for the NHS. Clipper is the warehouse management system for controlling the PPE. The Volo Origin platform receives feeds from Clipper to update stock levels and tracking information and Origin updates eBay. Origin sends Clipper orders as they come in from eBay. Origin is managing the listings, the orders and the integration into eBay.”

Tony Kyberd, Volo Commerce COO, added, “It’s vitally important we all do what we can so that front-line organisations can access the critical protective equipment they need to save lives and keep themselves safe. It goes without saying that we’re very pleased to be able to donate our time and technology to the project.”

Go here for the UK Government’s press release on significantly boosting UK PPE supply with more than 100 new deals.  

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