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Reporting and Analysis – Part 3: How Volo Customers Got Great at Reporting for Efficiency

Friday June 17, 2016 | Posted at 10:42 am | By Paul Dicken
June 17, 2016 @ 10:42 am

When you’re great at reporting and analysis, you improve your efficiencies and margins and reduce your product-to-cash conversion cycle. Volo helps companies become more effective through dynamic, accurate reporting, automated reordering processes and informed business planning. The Volo ecommerce platform has a fully featured analytics environment, using visual reports to provide easy at-a-glance figures and trends as well the detail behind the numbers to give you the full picture.

For Volo customers, having visibility into the performance of their business and seeing where they can improve efficiency and cut costs is a powerful asset. We’ve previously covered best practices for getting great at reporting for efficiency. In this post, we asked a number of Volo customers to comment on the importance of reporting and analysis for them.


The Board Basement

Stuart Tait of winter sports equipment, clothing and accessories merchant The Board Basement uses Volo to manage reporting and analysis and has gone from £250,000 to £1,000,000 in 3 years: “We’ve really enjoyed working with the business and it’s fair to say that the leaps and bounds have come from working with Volo. The core of our business is Volo, it’s right at the heart of the business, reporting from every angle, and we’ve embraced all its phases. For me, at the end of the day it’s all about your data and seeing what your data can do.

“As I said, we were having difficulty making our website talk to our worldwide eBay store. We discovered Volo and have found over time that they can do it all for us. Now all of our customer touch-points are integrated, regardless of the channel they come through, with the reporting at the back end. It’s been phenomenal.”


Only Global

Sports clothing and accessories retailer Only Global uses Volo to manage its warehousing and operations and estimates that it does in 2 months with Volo what would have taken 12 months. Nafees Din, Managing Director of Only Global: “Everyone has access to Volo at Only Global. The system records everything and this really helps with accountability. Any error or someone selling below cost price, is held in the listing history. I can pin down who did what, where and when and this visibility into the detail helps me cut down on bad practices and protect my margins.”



Home & garden merchant Cybercheckout uses Volo for reporting and analysis and has been able to reduce its staff to 2 full-time and 2 part-time, while increasing revenues 60% in 5 years. Andrew Redstone, Director of Gridstop, Cybercheckout’s holding company: “Volo is the best in our opinion. The massive advantage for us is the stock system with its multi warehouse and multi location options, along with order flagging, and overall ease of use for warehousing staff. It is the ideal stock system for a web based company. I must also mention the stock and sales reporting function. We could not run our business without it.”

“We were selling a lot of items in the beginning. With the Volo tool we were able to quickly see which were the best sellers and this enabled us to consolidate our items into the ones that sell really well. This makes things simpler and more focused for us.”

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