Inventory & Stock Control
Say goodbye to stock outs, time-heavy listings and pricing errors


Simplify your listings and inventory
Control your physical and virtual inventory data across all your sales channels with Volo, from single custom items through to managing millions of SKUs and variations. We’ve made it simple: one central location for storing the information needed for all your listings. The go to place for creating item titles, descriptions, images, locations, suppliers and more.
Automate stock management across channels
Maintain complete stock control with confidence. If you’re going to advertise an item simultaneously across multiple channels – from marketplaces like Amazon and eBay to your own web store – you don’t want to sell something that’s already sold out. With Volo, sell items on one channel and we’ll automatically update the rest.
Improve sales through better stock visibility
We all know that the harder an item is to find the harder it is to sell. So let’s make it simple: instead of creating separate listings for your stock create just the one. A single entry that includes all the different variations on offer, like colour or size. And with one listing instead of multiple, you’ll also save money on marketplace fees.
Keep on top of pricing and quantities
Use Volo to manage your multichannel pricing and avoid the manual headaches. We can help you easily manage the different pricing used across separate channels, and even for different seller IDs. You can also avoid the damage of overselling by setting minimum stock thresholds and the automatic triggering of stock replenishment.