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Selling on the Cdiscount Marketplace

Thursday March 18, 2021 | Posted at 4:56 pm | By Paul Dicken
March 18, 2021 @ 4:56 pm

This post explains how to start selling on Cdiscount, the dominant French marketplace in Europe’s second largest ecommerce market.

In a previous post we explored the French marketplace and introduced Cdiscount, with its 22 million monthly visitors and more than 100 million product listings offered by more than 13,000 sellers. To start selling on Cdiscount, you need to register by clicking this link, which, in the interests of disclosure, lets the folks at Cdiscount know we sent you.

At Volo, we offer a combination of value-add services and comprehensive technology so that our customers can streamline the business of selling across multiple channels. Being present on multiple online channels also makes you more resilient, and gives you more options in the face of uncertainty – whether it’s the economy, health crises like the one we’re navigating, or uncertainty between borders, like the other one we’re navigating.

But hang on, we hear you say, everyone’s still reeling from Brexit, why should we considering selling in France right now? Well, Cdiscount have 3 very strong reasons that are worth considering:

  • Firstly, they have a 3PL solution, based in France, which can be your logistics home, not just for the French market but to 20 other countries in the EU landmass. They’re also a founder member of the International Marketplace Network, so you get free representation on other marketplaces without any additional cost or technical work
  • Secondly, Cdiscount operates a product catalogue similar to Amazon, and if your product isn’t in the catalogue they will do the translations for you, for free
  • Thirdly, since we sent you, you’ll get your first 3 months’ subscriptions for nothing, normally about £35 per month at current rates

Sound good? Let’s look at the 5 steps to onboarding with Cdiscount:

  • 1) Registration. Register to sell on Cdiscount using this link that lets them know you came from Volo
  • 2) Validation. You’ll get a reply from Cdiscount within 24 hours usually, but no later than 72 hours
  • 3) Shop Activation. You’re assigned a dedicated account manager and you’re ready to log into the Cdiscount Seller Zone
  • 4) Set-up. You set up your API credentials in a few clicks
  • 5) Product Listing. You upload your products (or Cdiscount will translate new listings for you prior to upload

So, it’s a straightforward and quick process. The one thing you will need to plan and allow time for is if you’re going to use Cdiscount Fulfilment, which gives you exclusive access to their Boost feature to increase product visibility. If that’s the case then you’ll need to organise the shipping of your products to their 540,000-square-metre warehouse.

Cdiscount is one of the marketplaces integrated into Volo Origin, so you can centralise your activities across the channels where you sell by working in one place. Pricing, orders and stock levels automatically synchronise between Cdiscount and Volo Origin, leaving you to focus on getting the products where they’re needed and promoting your listings to maximise conversions

One final note: product handling is done directly in Cdiscount. Your dedicated Cdiscount account manager – supported by the Volo team – will be on hand to guide you through product listing and updating.

To discuss adding Cdiscount to the places where you sell, and to reap the befits of centralising your multichannel operations, send us a note here.

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