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Volo Vision 2 – Multichannel Analytics and Reporting

Monday March 9, 2020 | Posted at 4:19 pm | By Paul Dilger
March 9, 2020 @ 4:19 pm

This final post in the series covers Volo Vision and the recent release of Vision 2, our major upgrade to the Volo reporting and analysis module.

Clearly data and analytics affect all the main areas of an online multichannel selling business. We covered them in the first and second post in this series. That’s the theory, though. What about in practice, what’s the good news? Well, the good news is that the Volo Vision reporting and analytics module provides answers to the vast majority of business use questions posed so far in this series of posts. It’s a fully featured analytics environment, using visual reports to provide easy at-a-glance figures and trends as well the detail behind the numbers to give you the full picture. A couple of Volo customers had this to say about Vision:

“I‘ve been using the Volo platform and Volo Vision module for over three years and during this time we have more than doubled our business.”

Thompsons Ltd.

“In the parts and accessories business there is always a massive amount of data, but you really need to be able to interpret that data. That’s what makes Volo Vision so interesting and useful for us.”


The importance of data is something we all hear about, and read about. Often, however, it can seem like a theoretical ideal that we simply can’t get to during the day-to-day running of the business. It seems like a nice to have. In reality however, good data – and the ability to analyse that data – is a must have, since it touches and informs every part of our business. It gives us the insight and confidence to make good decisions. We’re flying blind without it.

Analytics are key to a number of important business uses, including managing our inventory, re-igniting customer loyalty, ensuring channel coverage, protecting cash flow and profitability, and accurately forecasting. If it becomes difficult or time-consuming to get the data right and presented in the right format, then this impacts both our productivity and ability to act quickly in a fast-moving business. Powerful analytics give us leading indicators of trends and developments we can do something about, rather than lagging indicators, which give us a picture of what happened in the past, which we can’t change.

Volo is an end-to-end ecommerce platform, providing process automation in inventory and stock control, and order fulfilment and shipping, across multiple channels. Because our platform covers so much of the ecommerce process, the Volo Vision reporting and analytics module is able to present one centralised view of your whole business performance, rather than different views of different parts of it. This is joined-up analytics, not fragmented, siloed, multi-system analytics which you have to put together yourself. An important pillar in the success of our customers is our service approach where we work closely with our customers to analyse performance and help them grow their revenues and efficiencies over the long term.

Just recently, we’ve released Vision 2, a major upgrade to the award-winning Vision that extends our range of flexible dashboards and deep-dive reports. Here are some of the high points:

  • Updated interface: introduction of a new, fresher look and feel, together with improved support for tablets and mobile devices
  • Customisable reporting:  improvement of the user experience, making it easier to find the required reports and placing additional valuable insights at customers’ fingertips. Customers can configure reports with their favourite filters and preserve these between sessions, enabling them to customise Vision to their preferences
  • Smart Searches: new Smart Searches provide an intuitive way to filter the data and locate valuable insights. Customers can simply type into the Smart Search and Vision will the return the results they need. Smart Search intuitively understands that for example, Amazon is a channel, Germany is a country, and Smith is a supplier. If customers are looking for detail on a specific order or a particular product, they enter the order number or SKU reference and Vision will instantly pull up the required data
  • New reports: responding to customer demand, Vision 2 provides extended analysis through a range of new reports, including supplier velocity, supplier analysis across channels, product sales by week and month, kit sales analysis and a dashboard summarising yesterday’s performance
  • Improvements to existing reports: customers have fed back and made a range of enhancement requests
  • Extended help: Vision 2 features built-in help and support to include pop-up report summaries, together with new bite-sized videos to guide customers through the detail of each report

Want to open the conversation with us about the importance of data and the insights that Vision provides? You can get in touch here.

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